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What is this?


I am constantly looking for real estate deals. I need some sharp eyes and boots on the ground to help me cover more area. Essentially you are my extension. I need your help in finding properties for me to buy. No experience necessary. Just keeping an eye out for certain types of properties. You will be a “SCOUT” on the lookout for deals.



What kind of properties to look for?


Generally speaking I am looking for properties that are UGLY, abandoned, folks that just want out of their property, properties about to be foreclosed, foreclosed that are not listed in the MLS, etc. Pretty much any real estate that is not listed in the MLS. Off the grid properties.


What is my fee?


You are in essence working for me as my eyes and boots on the ground. You will receive $500 once I close on a property you submitted.


How do I know I will get paid?


Getting paid is important. Once I have the property under contract you will be notified of that and we will then sign an agreement. You will receive payment after closing, not before.


How much effort do I need to put into this?


The amount of effort you put into this is up to you. The best thing is to keep your eyes and ears open. Always on the lookout for that property. Think like a “SCOUT”, always looking, searching.


Is this going to cost me anything?


Yes…. A little bit of time. No dollars to invest. As you drive around or speak to people, keep your eyes and ears open.


When can I start?


Now is a great time. You do not have any set hours. This is just to earn some extra cash. So go out there and start looking for properties.


What do I need to submit to you?


I would like to receive the following as a minimum: 1) Address of the property (full address).  2) Any info that you know about the property. Additional info if possible:  3) a picture of the front of the house so I have an idea what it looks like.


Where do I submit the information?


You will email me at  In the TITLE of the email please add this:  SCOUT property, (then address of the property here).  This will help me sort out the emails I receive. Ease of identification.




Keep a notebook and pen in your car at all times. This is your SCOUT notebook. Keep a record of the properties you find and the ones you send to me.




Not every property you submit will result in a contract and close. Finding the property is the initial step. I will then have to look for the owner (if we do not know who it is at the moment), submit an offer with hopes it will be a contract THEN close. Patience is needed. The more properties submitted the better the chances of closing on a deal.


Be my SCOUT today. Send me an email at Let’s make a few dollars.





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You are now a SCOUT.

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