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Sell Your House Faster - OWNER FINANCING

Owner Financing with John Morey - Huntsville AL
Owner (Seller) Financing

Why should you sell your house using OWNER FINANCING option?

OWNER FINANCING, one of the best tools out there that so many don’t know about. This is a tool that can help you easily sell your house. Granted this tool is not for everyone however it is great to have an understanding as to how this works. You just never know if this is a tool that could help you sell your house.

Folks sell their house/houses for many different reasons. Which reason(s) would fit this tool? The best is if there is no loan on the property. This works for both pretty and ugly houses. If you have a loan on the property then maybe a subject to or lease with option to buy would be good tools to use. We will concentrate on OWNER (SELLER) FINANCING in this article.

Seller Finance with John Morey - Huntsville AL
Seller Finance is a great tool!


1. GOOD POOL OF BUYERS WITH CASH. There are so many folks out there that do have cash but cannot qualify for a loan. So many of them actually have good credit. Banks look for EARNED income which equates to a W2. Many don’t have a W2. Many are entrepreneurs. For whatever reason banks don’t like to lend to them. This is a pool of folks that are always looking for a house. They just want a little help. Seller financed deals are the best for them. This creates a WIN WIN. You get to sell your house, they get to buy it.

2. FAST CLOSING. This can be done within in 1-3 days of signing the agreement since there is no third party financing involved, the bank. You just need the correct paperwork to do this.

3. IMPROVES THE CREDIT RATING OF THE END BUYER. This is the opportunity to improve on the buyer’s credit rating. This helps YOU in the long run. This now helps the buyer in getting his own loan and pay you off.

4. NO CLOSING/LOAN COSTS. Generally the closing costs will be very minimal and is a negotiable item who pays these however the LOAN COSTS is pretty much zero to the seller. No more loan origination fees, points, appraisal report and other JUNK FEES the banks require. That alone saves the buyer a ton of money and helps YOU the, seller, close faster.

5. YOU GET A BETTER PRICE. This is one that is key to this. There is no hard lowball offers. Most buyers want to play this lowball offer game. When you SELLER FINANCE a property, the buyer is generally understanding of your price. This doesn’t mean that all buyers will like your price but you will get a better price for the property.